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Few stamps depict the year 2000 problem also defined millennium bug or Y2K bug. Early computers had low storage capabilities, so programmers in order to limit space and memory usage used only two digits to record years (e.g. 95 instead of 1995). On 1st January 2000, however, these computers might interpret the year 2000 as 1900. This error could cause large problems as programs wrong results or computers shut-down.

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  • Country Gabon
  • Date 11-Dec-2000
  • Issue Y2K Bug
  • Format SH
  • Face v.225
  • Perf.11½ x 11¾
  • Category millenium bug personal computer
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  • Country St Kitts and Nevis
  • Date 04-Jan-2000
  • Issue Millenium
  • Format SH
  • Note The countdown to the year 2000, with the worry of Y2K
  • Face v.50
  • Perf.12¾ x 12½
  • Print.Lithography
  • Category millenium bug
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