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This section depicts stamps on computer circuit boards also defined with the acronym PCB (printed circuit board). This is a thin board on which electronics components are mounted and connected by traces printed on the card. There are several boards inside a computer, the most important is the motherboard that contains an essential component like CPU. Other boards can be installed into expansion slots to increase computer's functions and performances.

ID# 986
ID# 584 click on stamp to zoom
ID# 112
  • Country Bulgaria
  • Date 08-Jan-2001
  • Issue Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Format SH
  • Note computer board under the Leonardo's vitruvian man
  • Face v.0,22
  • Perf.13 x 12¾
  • Category computer board
ID# 643 click on stamp to zoom
  • Country Gibraltar
  • Date 06-Mar-1984
  • Issue Europa CEPT
  • Format SH
  • Note international postal and telecommunication links
  • Face v.23
  • Perf.14½ x 14½
  • Print.Lithography
  • Category characters-micr computer board

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