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This section shows stamps depicting softwares also known as programs. A software is a set of instructions executed by a computer to perform specific tasks. Two major categories of software are operating systems (DOS, Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc) and applications.

ID# 1397
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ID# 1319
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ID# 553
ID# 1011
  • Country Denmark
  • Date 08-Nov-2000
  • Issue 20th century
  • Format SH
  • Note browser showing Denmark Post website
  • Face v.5,50
  • Category internet mouse software
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  • Country Israel
  • Date 23-Dec-1997
  • Issue Philately day
  • Format SH
  • Note Julia set fractals, window computer software
  • Face v.2,50
  • Category fractal software
ID# 376
ID# 1280
ID# 357
ID# 1352

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