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This section shows stamps on computer mice. A mouse is a pointing device that controls the movement of the cursor on a computer screen. Today most operating systems are based on a graphical user interface (GUI) so mouses have become an essential peripheral of any personal computer. First mouse was introduced into the market by Xeror Star personal computer in 1981. There are two common models of mouse: classic mechanical ball-mouse and the latest optical mouse. Other popular pointing device are: trackballs, touch-pads and joysticks.

ID# 1401
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ID# 399
ID# 193
ID# 892
ID# 834
  • Country Costa Rica
  • Date 19-Oct-2005
  • Issue UPAEP
  • Format SH
  • Note children using mouse and keyboard
  • Face v.120
  • Perf.10½ x 10½
  • Category keyboard mouse
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ID# 1301
ID# 591 click on stamp to zoom
  • Country Romania
  • Date 31-Aug-2001
  • Issue Cats
  • Format SH
  • Face v.399
  • Perf.13½ x 13½
  • Print.Photogravure
  • Category mouse
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  • Country Poland
  • Date 22-Feb-2001
  • Issue Internet
  • Format SH
  • Face v.1
  • Perf.11¼ x 11½
  • Category characters-lcd e-mail fractal mouse url
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ID# 1011
  • Country Denmark
  • Date 08-Nov-2000
  • Issue 20th century
  • Format SH
  • Note browser showing Denmark Post website
  • Face v.5,50
  • Category internet mouse software
ID# 264
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ID# 608
ID# 53
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ID# 620
ID# 1036
ID# 180
ID# 565
ID# 673
  • Country Switzerland
  • Date 09-Mar-1999
  • Issue ITU telemedicine
  • Format SH
  • Note screen characters, mouse pointer
  • Face v.100
  • Perf.11½ x 11½
  • Print.Photogravure
  • Category characters-other mouse
ID# 582
ID# 202
ID# 774 click on stamp to zoom

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